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Check out Pop & Lock on the latest edition of Motorhead Garage!


The ultimate in convenience! Pop & Lock's power tailgate locks are designed to work with 

your current OEM key fob. With a push of a button, your tailgate locks and unlocks at the 

same time as your passenger doors. The lock mounts permanently inside the tailgate with 

approximately one hour of installation.

                      RECENT ARTICLES                   

"Tailgate Thefts Soar in U.S."-The Detroit News                          

Click here to read the full article.                                      

"NICB: Pickup Truck Tailgate Thefts a Growing Problem" - Work Truck Magazine 

Click here to read the full article.                                           

"Pickup tailgate thefts on sharp rise nationally and across Texas" - Dallas News                         

"Police said the best advice they can give residents is to lock thier tailgates and, if they

don't have a lock, buy one." -Dallas News                          

 Click here to read the full article.     


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